We enter the season of Advent and begin a new spiritual year (Advent Sunday, November 27). This unusual and sometimes challenging time when the rhythm of the spiritual year and that of the more worldly calendar year can seem to be at odds. 

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Advent – a time of inward quiet reflection, gentle expectation and anticipation, waiting, growing towards a new birth.

And December – a last opportunity to get things finished, completed, done and dusted before the arrival of New Year, busy preparations for Christmas celebrations with family and friends. 

Both are important, and have their place. Our challenge is to embrace both – not focus on one dimension of our beingness and living to the exclusion of the other – and to establish and maintain a harmonious balance. 


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The Spiritual Focus for 2016

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We look to the Christ, our great high priest. We see in him the one who seeks to reconcile the earth with the heavens, the one who infuses the ordinary elements of life, the body and the blood, the bread and the wine, the clay and the spittle, with divine significance and power. We see him willing to enter into earthly life to bring healing and light. We see him working within the culture and norms of the day, yet unbound by them. We see him bringing things together for a divine purpose.

We acknowledge that the work of the Order of Melchizedek is to partner with Christ in this reconciling mission. We see the souls of this Order through time taking their places quietly in different corners of the world, different cultures, different walks of life, gently imbuing and encouraging a greater consciousness and awareness. We see this work of reconciliation through the ages, the work to make the divine I AM part of the human soul and human expression. 

We celebrate the establishment of the Order of Melchizedek in this time. We celebrate the vision of the sacred penetrating and permeating the secular; we celebrate the perpetual intersection of the eternal with time.

Integration is at the heart of our work as an Order, and so we pray for a greater integration with the life of Christ and a wider application of the spiritual knowledge given to us, for unison with the mysteries, for alignment with the will of God, and for the true freedom and wholeness of being this will bring - that nothing may be lost but everything within us may be made useful to the healing work in which we are engaged. We pray that we will not leave this earth without making more of the life and light of Christ our own. 

Like St Paul, we press on to make Christ our own, so that we can reach that point where we will know the Self as One, that less and less we will experience the separation and disharmony between our spiritual life and our physical life, and that more and more our thinking, our ideals, and our actions will flow in harmony with the purposes of Christ and the hierarchy. 

And so we pray that our words, our speech, our actions may more and more convey that healing power of Christ, that more and more we can infuse the bread and wine of our daily life with saving, life-giving power, that we may be the dispensers of Christ's grace.

To this end we dedicate this coming year to becoming integrated beings and knowing the self as one. We pray that no part of our lives will be empty of spirit, but that in each moment and in each place the sacred will be present. May our souls be enlarged through our embracing of the mysteries. And we ask you, O Christ, to assist us to remain conscious of you, day by day, moment by moment and to live as in your presence.


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