To be fully human is to be divine,

         and to be divine is to be fully human.

We celebrate the spiritual festival of St John’s Tide in the days around the feast day of St John the Baptist – 24 June.

St John the Baptist is a remarkable figure in the Christian tradition. He prepared the way for Christ, was the prophet of the Most High, and the priest who performed the ceremony by which the Christ could take on flesh and begin working in this world.

Two thousand years ago John worked to make the people of Palestine prepared and ready for the physical incarnation of Christ in the body of Jesus. Today Christ is seeking to incarnate into other levels of the world and our own being and so John is still at work – now spiritually within each of us in order to make us fully ready to experience the Christ spirit as our own spirit, as our I AMness.

John’s task was to prepare the way for all flesh to see the salvation of God, for all flesh to see the Christ, and experience the healing and wholemaking which he would bring with him from the spiritual realms. This is a task which commenced thousands of years ago and it is not over yet. But John is not alone any more. 

John’s task then is like our task today, and as such he has much to say to us, for our task as a Centre is to make known the second coming of Christ, the etheric presence of Christ, and the healing and wholemaking which springs from having a direct relationship with Christ.

Today each of us helps make the Christ Presence known and visible in the world when we know it within ourselves. Therefore, the way of the Lord must be prepared not only in the world but within each one of us so that we may know the wholemaking power of Christ and thereby make it visible to others. 

The Easter mysteries unleashed Christ’s spiritual power within this earth. At Pentecost we celebrated our ability to embrace the bestowal of his spirit upon and within us. Now, at St John’s Tide, we celebrate our growing ability to embody that divine spirit within our humanity, bringing together ever more closely the heavens and the earth within the very fabric and contours of our being. And we look towards Michaelmas and our celebration of the fact that we are enacting the presence and power of Christ in this world through in our living and being.

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