Easter 2014


With love and awe we remember and give thanks for the Mysteries of Golgotha, when the Christ gave his life, his blood, his spirit, for our redemption and restoration. This great act of cosmic renewal and wholemaking defies our mind, but engages our soul, our heart, the depths of our being. Using the language of ritual, drama, music, images and stories, we seek to take these Easter Mysteries deeper and deeper into us, that we may be transformed, that we may be the partakers and expressers of Christ's risen life and light. To this end we celebrate the beautiful services of Holy Week - from Palm Sunday (13th April) through to Easter Sunday (20th April). 

Palm Sunday Cosmic Mass - marks the commencement of this week when the universe was changed. Palm Crosses are blessed and given.

The Office of the Tenebrae - an ancient service prefiguring the events of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Seven scripture readings, seven songs, eight candles. It dramatically depicts the increasing darkness, but also affirms that the darkness has not overcome the light.

The Meditation on the Fourteen Stations of the Cross - an opportunity to walk the Via Dolorosa with Christ, and to become conscious of all the forces within self that both help and hinder us from walking the way of transformation.

The Good Friday Agape - a ritual meal in which all share in the consecration of the bread and the wine, remembering Christ in the upper room, remembering also that we are now his body and his blood mingles with ours.

The Veneration of Light - the ritual dressing of the altar in preparation for Easter Sunday morning. The Paschal Candle is blessed and lit for the first time - Christ's Risen Life leads us from this point on.

The Easter Sunday Cosmic Mass - He is risen! This is a joyous celebration, recognising the victory of Christ, and the new life flowing within us and the etheric atmosphere of the world, assisting all who want to be unified with Christ.

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