“Every human soul entering into

this earth, innately knows about the

 plan of salvation."

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                       Cultivating True Humility

                                     The Spiritual Focus for 2015


Have this mind among you, which is yours in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5)

The quality of humility that we see in Christ Jesus should be our guiding light this year. The humility of the creator becoming part of his own creation and subjecting himself to its laws is beyond our capacity to fully grasp, yet still we must follow where he has led.

Humility has been defined over the years in our Centre with great consistency. It is not at all what is commonly thought of as humility. For us, humility is the recognition of your own value, of what you are and the full acceptance and full expression of what you are and can do.

Humbleness is not, as many people think, the negating of what you are. Humility means that you know exactly what you can do, how far you can go and what your limits are. It is the state of knowing one’s worth and living it to the fullest. It is the accurate assessment of self.

Rev Mario Schoenmaker once described humility in this way: The humble are those who are searching for truth, those who are open to guidance, those who really want the touch of the Christ. True humility springs from knowing our divine origin and accepting the truth of Christ within us. This is a glory to be revealed, to shine out, not apologised for! And the more we do this, give what we have to give, the more the Christ content within our being is enlarged and strengthened.

Humility involves the ability to listen, to see, to be open and responsive. It involves a respect for self and a respect for others. It takes humility to work as a team and perceive the unique gifts and functions of each person. When each person is active, fully playing their role, there will come effectiveness, fruitfulness, power.

Humility is a recognition of our greatness and our smallness. The word itself means to become level, balanced – not too big, not too small, not too high, nor too low. Humility makes a way for the glory of the Lord to be revealed.

Humility involves maintaining a bigger vision and doing the work, sometimes very humble repetitive work, to fulfil purpose, and in the process overcoming the obstacles of conceit and selfishness. Humility is to use your gifts, and to let them flow in service, even when, at times, such service feels like a burden.

In such a way the Christ being is exalted within our hearts, and we ourselves have a greater sense of our self worth, we express a greater self respect and above all display a spiritual appreciation of our own individuality.

Humility opens us to become greater. There is a knowingness that all things are working for good with those who love Christ.



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