The Centre is an esoteric Christian movement − a community of people seeking a deeper understanding and experience of Christ. 

As well as esoteric Christian teachings, there is an emphasis on the application of metaphysical principles in everyday living.

There are Centre communities and people associated with The Centre in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

In Melbourne, The Centre community gathers for a range of activities to deepen their spiritual experience and develop their ability to apply metaphysical and esoteric knowledge in their life.

Visitors are always welcome at any public activity − see Services and our Calendar for details. All public services are held at Monash Community Inn unless stated otherwise.

For more information about The Centre, the founders and the teachings visit www.ica.org.au

Special Services
coming up:


April 2017

Sunday 9th, 11am
Palm Sunday
Cosmic Mass

Sunday 9th, 8pm
Office of the Tenebrae

The Melbourne Community
are holding an Easter Retreat
at which all the normal Easter services will be held.

 Please contact the Melbourne Centre for details

For normal services
 please see the 

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