Learning is one aspect of a balanced approach to spiritual living. The Centre in Melbourne offers a number of forums in which interested individuals can participate in spiritually focused learning.

Several times each year weekend workshops are conducted. Each workshop focuses on a particular theme and involves teaching, experiential learning and creative expression.

From time to time Institute of Metaphysics courses are offered at The Centre in Melbourne. These courses are also available as “Learning at Home” courses and can be purchased from our online shop: centrebooks.org.au

The Order of the Mystic Christ provides ongoing study programs for those committed to engaging in a disciplined approach to deeper esoteric knowledge and spiritual development.

Click here for more information on teachings.

We also recommend Robert John for courses and workshops. Robert facilitates the learning of metaphysical principles and esoteric knowledge in a range of one-day workshops and ongoing courses offered in person, via Skype group and through one-on-one personal tuition.

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