Cosmic Mass

The Cosmic Mass is the heart of our Centre. It is a deeply mystical experience and opens a channel through which we can experience the love and power of Christ. Everyone − regardless of age, gender, race or creed  is welcome to participate and receive the sacred elements of bread and wine.

Chalice Paten lighter

Our celebration of the bread and wine and remembrance of Christ’s transforming deed is called the Cosmic Mass because we believe that it is celebrated not only for those who are present in the service, but for the entire world, both spirit and flesh, and that it has an uplifting and strengthening effect for all who are working to realise the Christ within.

The Agape
Whilst the Cosmic Mass is more ritualistic and formal, the Agape is a less formal celebration of the blessing and sharing of bread and wine, and it is often the way that members will gather together to celebrate and nurture the Christ power in our midst.

The Agape (Greek, meaning 'love feast') is also a celebration of the sacrament of bread and wine − a simple, less formal service than the Cosmic Mass.

The Cosmic Mass is usually celebrated at 11.00am on the first and third Sunday of each month, except in September it will be the first and fourth Sunday. It is important to check the Calendar for further details.

Unless otherwise indicated, services are held at:

          Monash Community Inn
          72 Clayton Road
          Clayton   VIC   3168

See Location for a map

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