Year of the Chalice

Vessel for the Living Spirit of Christ

The Chalice is a peaceful presence, a symbol of the availability of the freemaking spirit of Christ and the promise of salvation.

We dedicate ourselves to being this Chalice, to being the vessels of Christ's living spirit and the dispensers of his grace, his truth and his life. 

We are aware of the story of the Chalice as it is told in the Mass - that at times the chalice is veiled, empty, ready. Then it is unveiled, filled and the contents set aside from a common use to a sacred use. The wine is our own thoughts, feelings and intentions - transformed and consecrated through awareness of our divine purpose - and through which the life of Christ can flow and bring life to the world.

The inner movements required of us this year are perfectly captured in the Chalice Prayer.

Chalice Prayer 2


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