The power to change and to go on changing is a distinctive quality of the human being. Because each single person has a power of becoming within them which has no visible limit, if they are willing to trust it, the Christian sacraments have a place in human life.

The sacraments are deeds which, on the one hand, complete the natural events of life by the grace of the spirit, and on the other foster the inner growth of the soul towards its fulfillment.

Some of the sacraments which are celebrated in The Centre follow the course of a human lifetime, joining to that which comes about by nature that which is done through the working of Christ. These sacraments are:

  • Baptism − This service recognises, welcomes and blesses the soul of the newborn infant, declaring it to be a free entity with all the rights of a human being. It strengthens the soul and bestows a name as an indication of its unique purpose.
  • Realisation  This sacrament is celebrated for children aged between 6-10 years who have come to an important part of their life which we recognise as the expansion and growth of their etheric body. It is a time marked by the changing of the teeth and going to school. It is a time when they must accept a greater responsibility for their own life and direct the new energies which will flow into them in a proper and disciplined manner.
  • Confirmation is celebrated at the time of adolescence (12-15 years), the transition from childhood to adulthood. In spiritual terms we call this the birth of the soul. In this service we confirm that the adolescent is a spiritual being with a body and a soul; that they have chosen to be born and to become an adolescent at this time and all the powers of the heavenly hierarchy have assisted them in this. This service confirms this connection between them and the heavens, so that they may know their spiritual purpose on this earth at this time and also the spiritual help which is available.
  • Marriage and the Covenant of Love  Those who wish a sacramental marriage consciously recognise that they are spiritual beings, that there is a spiritual dimension to their relationship and that the decision to marry was prompted from above. The Centre’s wedding and covenant services acknowledge the freedom of each individual and the gifts they bring to the union. The Covenant of Love is available for couples (including same sex relationships) who, for various reasons, are unable to legally marry.
  • The Last Rites, the Funeral and the Soul Mass  The Last Rites empowers a soul in its preparations and inward choice to leave this earthly life and enter into a new life in the spiritual worlds. In a funeral service, the gratitude of the mourners for the life and soul of the one just departed and their prayers for a safe transition to a new life in the spiritual worlds are felt by the soul. In the Soul Mass, power and light are made available to the soul in this journey.

These Sacraments are available to those who want them and need them.

In addition, there are Sacraments which assist us in our day to day living and in the choices and challenges we face at different times. These Sacraments are:

  • The Cosmic Mass, and all the forms of communion, is the means whereby we take into ourselves the substances blessed by Christ, the bread and wine, in order to take into our soul his power and life and be strengthened in our earthly journeys.
  • Grace  this sacrament takes the form of a focused spiritual conversation between an individual and a priest and incorporates a blessing confirming the decisions reached by that individual during the course of the conversation. The aim is that the individual emerges from their participation in the sacrament of Grace both freer and stronger.
  • The laying on of hands and anointing with oil  this is a healing sacrament which gives reassurance of identity and infuses the etheric with light and strength. The holy oil invokes a resurrection power into the life of the one who asks for it. It is the oil which awakens the soul.

For further information on the availability of sacraments in your area, please contact your nearest Centre community: see

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