One of the four main ways we experience, express and grow in our experience and knowledge of the Christ within and around us is through worship and devotion. This element and attitude is to be found in many of the activities we engage in, and there are also formal times we set aside for the specific purpose of communing and worship.

Some of the forms our worship takes are detailed below. To find out when and where certain services or festivals are being celebrated, please contact your nearest Centre community: see Branches.

Entering into the Cosmic Mass

“These words are intended to assist you to enter into the experience of participating fully in the mystery of the Mass.

“The power of the gifts of the bread and the wine available to your through this service can only be gained through your soul's response, that is, through your direct experience of the Mass. Only in this way can you gain knowledge − which means gnosis − a deep inner knowing of what you witness and participate of in the Cosmic Mass …”

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The Cosmic Mass
Our celebration of the bread and wine and remembrance of Christ’s transforming deed is called the Cosmic Mass because we believe that it is celebrated not only for those who are present in the service, but for the entire world, both spirit and flesh, and that it has an uplifting and strengthening effect for all who are working to realise the Christ within. Everyone is welcome to receive the bread and wine.

The Private and
Personal Celebration
of the Eucharist
All our members are encouraged to celebrate the mass for themselves. We have liturgies for this purpose, both for the ordained and the unordained. The Eucharist strengthens our connection with the Christ within as well as our ability to express his impulse within the world.

The Agape
Whilst the Cosmic Mass and Eucharist are more ritualistic and formal, the Agape is a less formal celebration of the blessing and sharing of bread and wine, and it is often the way that members will gather together to celebrate and nurture the Christ power in our midst.

Full Moon Festival
The time of the full moon is a time when we experience the light in the darkness, the tangible sign of the love of God. During a meditative evening service, we consciously open ourselves to the love of God as it outpours to us.

The purpose of our Full Moon Festival is to become aware of how the love of God manifests itself in our lives, and how it surrounds and upholds us. It is therefore a time of gratitude, a time to see the big picture, to see our lives from our spirit’s point of view, and to get re-aligned with the spiritual purpose for our lives.

Contemplation of the love of God leads us automatically to contemplating the will of God. The will of God for this earth, and for the human being could also be described as the love of God for this earth and for the human being. The love of God and the will of God are very interconnected, and possibly one and the same thing.

During this service there is often the opportunity to receive a personal blessing and message of upliftment, encouragement and direction.

Spiritual Healing Service
Spiritual healing comes from the willingness to identify with the spirit within. This meditative service provides an environment where closer union with spirit can be achieved. Music and singing lift the atmosphere, stimulating the etheric, allowing the soul to come to the surface.

The address is a time of teaching which helps each person to focus consciously on the highest and to become attuned to the way spirit works.

The laying on of hands and anointing is freely available to everyone.

Prayer Network
Centre members in various places devote specific times to the practice of prayer, and specifically to absent healing. We believe that if we can take another soul within our own aura, that when we rise in spirit to the Throne of Grace, that soul will ascend with us and will also receive replenishment and a touch of power. Therefore, our prayers are for those to whom we are connected – however distantly – on a soul level. They in turn are strengthened to assist those they are connected with ... and so it spreads further and further.

Spiritual Festivals
Services celebrating different spiritual festivals and seasons, personal milestones and initiations are highlights in our spiritual year. The Holy Week of Easter, and the season of Lent that leads us into this, is a potent time for strengthening our soul and connection with the spirit of Christ. Likewise with the time of Advent and Christmas, and the other lesser known festivals of Pentecost, St John’s Tide and Michaelmas. They add a rich dimension and different perspective and colour to our understanding of the workings of the Holy Ones.

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