Our online shop, CentreBooks, is where you can access a number of spiritual resources:

  • Publications − both printed books and booklets as well as e-publications

  • Spoken Meditations, Discourses and Music − as CDs or mp3 downloads

  • Liturgies for services to celebrate at home − again as printed booklets or pdf downloads

  • Jewellery, candles and devotional supplies

There are large publications and small. Many were originally authored by Reverend Mario Schoenmaker, our founder and a respected spiritual teacher and gifted clairvoyant. His teachings allow us to enter into a life that is full and rich in wisdom and love. As he demonstrated, you as a spiritual human being can live in this world in a true, full and real way. 

All our products help you to focus on the centre of your being − the true human spirit, the I AM, the real self … and provide insight into how you as a whole being interact with the world and this life we are living today.

Visit the CentreBooks website

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