April 2016

This edition of CentreCOMM focuses on Reflections on Integration: Knowing the Self as One

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.11.09 AM
  • Editorial, This Important Year
    − Rev Antoinette Schoenmaker
  • Integration: Knowing the Self as One
    I AM One
    − Rev Frans Honigh
  • The Seasons of Easter and Pentecost
    The Growing Light in our Consciousness
    2,000 Years of Mighty Rushing Wind
    − Rev Mario Schoenmaker 
  • Integration: Knowing the Self as One
    Let this Grace and Peace Come to Us

    − Rev Mario Schoenmaker
  • Celebrating the Birth of the Free Priesthood
    The Dedication to Reconciliation
    The Vision

    − Rev Mario Schoenmaker

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