February 2013

  • The Year of Bearing the Light
    − Editorial by Rev Antoinette Schoenmaker
  • Transfigure: The Victory of the Light
    − Rev Mario Schoenmaker
  • Keep Me Shining: What Sustains You?
    − Members of The Centre
    • Knowing My Place
      − Rev Christiane, Geelong, Vic, Australia
    • To Walk with Him and to Talk with Him and Always Be Willing to Learn
      − Dc Rainer, Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • In All Things We Try to Enjoy Life
      − Truus, Emmelo, Holland
    • Sustenance of Spirit
      Jan, Perth, Western Australia
    • Living Life Simply and Enjoyably
      − Init Viv, Wellington, New Zealand
    • Practical Applications in Sustaining a Spiritual Life
      − Rev Richard, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
    • The Right Image
      − Dc Reb, New Zealand
    • Life as a Tightrope Walker
      − Dc Joan, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
    • How I Keep Going …
      − Dc Ann, Swan Hill, Vic, Australia
    • The Light Shines in the Darkness
      − Init Pamela, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Shadows and Shining … What it is to BEAR the Light
    − Rev Frans Honigh
  • Images of the Light
    − Rev Robert John

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