The Lion Symbol and Nature


The Lion Symbol and Nature
From an address given by Rev Mario
on the 10th anniversary of The Centre
August 1979

And one of the elders said unto me − which is John − “Weep not, behold the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David has prevailed to open the book and to lose the seven seals thereof. (Revelation 5:5)

I do not believe that it is an accident that The Centre officially opened its doors on the first Sunday of August in 1969, and that it was blessed and consecrated in the presence of many eminent men and women of Perth. Those were the days of great excitement, and enthusiasm swept us into areas which were totally unknown to us. 

Ten years have lapsed since and as the saying goes, ‘A hell of a lot of water has gone under the bridge.’ Many people have come and gone and I think, with pride, we can say that many souls and individuals have been blessed in terms of healing, assistance, and guidance. But I would like to emphasise this morning that we must never look back. Yesterday is yesterday, but today is the day. Jesus said that if you want to be a member of the Kingdom of God you must not look back, but always keep your eyes towards the future and this we shall do. 

I want to speak for a moment about the future of The Centre and you as individuals. I want to take this glorious text and lift it to the lofty heights where it belongs. I want to show you how we should develop in our own innermost sanctum and become the people God intended us to be in the first instance. This text tells us how we can attain the glorious heights of spiritual perception and of mature manhood. It sets before us the principle that we, as a Centre, should never forget nor depart from.

As I said, I do not believe in coincidences. I believe everything is done by appointment as far as God is concerned. And the fact that The Centre commenced its unique ministry in August, the month of the lion, is to me of great importance for it stresses to us that Christ is the lion and the conqueror. Christ is the principle on which The Centre has been founded and built and under no circumstance shall we depart from this, in spite of the pressures at times from other people.

Christ is the one who has shown in history what God is like. He has not been equaled in the course of history. He was the God who came down into the flesh and assumed our human likeness, brought us redemption and a freedom that even we cannot conceive of.

The text tells us that he opens the book and loosens the seven seals. Anyone who has studied with us will know that the book is our own physical body, and the seven seals are the seven spiritual centres within our body. When these seven seals are loosened, once they are revived again, we can attain that spiritual reality of which we dream and which we know within ourselves can be ours. 

This homesickness has become a disease, a healthy disease. We long for that home, we long for that Christ, we long for union with him, we long for heaven. And even though this thought is subconscious, even though we cannot and do not rationalise it, it is there, for we know deep within our souls that the spiritual realisation of our body is the beginning of our salvation. 

It’s no wonder that St Paul the great occultist and mentor wrote to his church in Rome:

     For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth
     in pain together until now.
(Romans 8:22)

And not only they but also we ourselves who have the first fruits of the spirit, even we groan within ourselves waiting for adoption, for the redemption, the liberation, and the freemaking of our bodies. The knowledge that our bodies can be redeemed, changed from mortality into immortality, from flesh into spirit, from death into glory, is something which the Bible is absolutely full and overflowing with. And this is something that the whole of humanity subconsciously knows and feels.

We at The Centre have been taught over ten years and are working towards this consciously and with power. For you and I surely have seen the coming of the Lord. We have seen his star in the east, we have seen his manifestation in the clouds and we know that his coming and his presence among us has made us receptive to his spirit and sensitive to his working. 

We are privileged. We have this knowledge and we can work consciously towards it. It is true of us, as it should be true of the totality of our community, that we groan within ourselves waiting for that freedom from our bondage, waiting for the liberation of our body − not in losing it but in spiritualising it. Not in dying, but in changing so that we become the very image of our Lord. 

It is for this reason that we have chosen to have the lamb sitting on the book on our emblem. The book is closed with seven seals, for the lamb is unable to open the book. It can only be opened by the Lion of Judah. So the first principle that lies here within The Centre is that we, consciously and decisively, must recognise and accept this Christ as our Lord and master. We must recognise Christ, the Lion of Judah, Christ the lion, before we can start the arduous task of opening the seven spiritual centres within us.

A tiny bit of knowledge of the signs of the zodiac tells us that the lion is also the heart and that Leo is the life and the fire of our solar system. The sign of Leo has always been regarded by the occultists of old as the foundation and the creator of our heart, the life-giving essence, which gives beauty to the body. Christ is therefore the heart of the universe! The sun incidentally rules the month of Leo, and I’m happy that The Centre is a Leo child. It depicts its greatest glory in showing the qualities of the Christ.

I want to take a few of the characteristics which belong to the Leo sign and show in what way we can follow the Christ positively so that we can in the future open new frontiers, tread on new land, and discover new knowledge. In depicting these characteristics we should know how to proceed from here into the future, how we should walk, how we should think, how we should evolve. For Christ, the sun of our life, is also the Lion of Judah, the one who conquers. If we imitate his characteristics we will be strong and unconquerable.

The lion first and foremost stands for the sense of life, the ability to embrace the totality, the fullness and the nobility of life, the ability to feel the very pulsation of the universe, and to express it with radiance and with joy.

It has been said somewhere, and rightly so I believe, that the sign of Leo indicates the sound of the universe. Perhaps, because of this, Christ is also portrayed as the Word, the sound that went forth into the universe from the very throne of God, and created. And because it stands for living, it is capable of breath of Christ in the environment in which you live.

The Centre for the next ten years must have a great sense of living. It must embrace life, not shy away from it. It must depict the very life-giving forces of our Christ. It must become the very channel of his universal and creative sound and radiance.

The Leo sign also stands for royalty, strength, power, will and dignity. It indicates to me that The Centre at all times must be royal and regal in its attitude. Weakness belongs to children, those who have not matured yet. But those of us who are now celebrating the tenth anniversary must be strong and act in a kingly and regal manner. No doubts, no uncertainties, for there can be no place for that in our Centre in the future. 

If within the next decade we are going to lead again as we did in the past, then for the sake of the souls around us let us know and not gamble. We are either creative, benevolent, wilful, strong and powerful in our outreach or we become lacking, indecisive and therefore second rate. We either lead or are being led. We either have the attributes of our Christ, the Lion of Judah, and through this evolve into the reality of spiritual manhood, or we become the slaves of our own system, our own organization, and subject therefore to the economies of it and the wishes of little people who cannot think beyond the confines of their own little world. 

In following the Lion of Judah we have to assume for ourselves without false modesty the regal garb of majesty − calm, composure and poise. All that is lofty, and all that is noble should be our aim. 

This may well mean that we have to learn again, in spite of the pressures put upon us, to stand alone and on our own feet, for often the lion is a lonely animal. Yet we also have to learn to see ourselves as we really are or we may fall into the morass of our own shallow thinking, a selfish and conceited ambition. 

Yet in our regality we should be able to embrace the whole world, and show our hospitality and our charm as only Leo people can. We extend with royal gesture our love and hospitality to anyone who enters our premises. Whatever your need may be, we will lift it into the immensity of the glory which comes from our God, the Lion of Judah.

As a community born under the sign of Leo and led by our Lion, the Christ, we can become intimate with our brethren without trespassing upon their privacy and code of living. We should be able to supply a large amount of love, light and warmth, which comes from the fire that burns within our hearts for, after all, Leo is a fire sign and fixed, so astrologers tell me. This indicates to me in a very spiritual way that once the fire burns within you it will never diminish, it will not fluctuate. Fluctuation belongs to little children not to adults. That fire is received from the sun, the symbol of our Christ, the one who opens the seven seals so that we may become as he is.

Other characteristics that I think are important and which signify the Leo sign are faith, trust and knowing. As a community standing in that sign we will be able to remove fear and doubt from the minds of others. We do this through counseling, healing, our charisma, love, compassion, our smiles, faith and our human touch. We will be able to dispel the doubts, the miseries, the fears and the gloom from the hearts of people around us. We do this by simply setting the standards as Christ set them, and realising the importance of our own beingness, our own life. 

Through this warmth and faith which we should, could and must have, we can consume the diseased ideas around us − the inverted notions and the feelings that have become fouled through long inertia and lack of response to the spirit of God. 

This also must make us like a real Leo child, free and happy and unbound, ready to respond, ready to smile, ready to laugh, ready to feel. It should make us king intellectuals with a warm intuitional response. We should have a great sensitivity so that we can recognise in the hearts and minds of others their needs, joys, and pains. 

The lion, of all beasts, has a balance between the heart and the breathing mechanisms. We should have a balance between our thinking and our feeling, and not run away with either of one of them but use them in harmony. Because of this balance we will have the authority, the individuality, and it’s interesting to realise that wherever we travelled this authority was automatically accepted. 

We shall never lack decisiveness; we shall never be indifferent to the needs, the real needs, of our fellow brother and sister within our community or outside it. We shall be daring to attack when this is necessary, we shall never regret the mistakes we made, but learn from them. 

As a Leo child we will also want to rule and to teach the impulse of our heart. Leo people are really impulsive, are they not? The impulse of our heart is to teach, it’s our mission, it’s our task for this generation, to give knowledge and gnosis to the people. To make them experience the fullness of God, to give them the wonder of his greatness, the vastness of his unlimited resources. 

Christ is the Lion of Judah and we, as a community, are not only born under the sign of Leo but have also accepted his rule and power, and are striving to manifest the characteristics of that Lion of Judah to the world. Because of this we shall manifest time and again the generous nature of the Christ and the rulership of the Christ. We will teach, govern, counsel, give spiritual advice whenever necessary, whenever needed. We shall do this with authority, with self-control and true insight. We shall go forward on the path indicated for us by him who at all times leads us and guides us to our own true individuality, in the understanding of our own I AMness. 

The true light of the Leo sign expressed through the Christ consciousness makes each and every one of us a true kingly being. We will help raise and refine the multitudes by giving of our love and compassion without selfishness. 

In the finality I want to dedicate the following poem to you who have been true fellow-workers with us in the past and will be in the future. No matter what changes we may have to accept, the warmth of the sun that governs the Leo sign will shine upon us and give us radiance and fire. This poem then is dedicated to you my beloved fellow workers. 

I AM the door, the Christ immortal
each soul must pass through my love portal.
I AM the door if entered through,
come light in love and life anew.
What is that guidance in my heart,
that makes me not from truth depart?
I face thy flames’ eternal light
and seek to make my soul all white,
through Christ, the sublime Sun Being
with me always and ever seeing.
From thee, O Lord, I could not hide,
for in thy heart I do abide.

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