Teachings: Rev Antoinette Schoenmaker


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Our Cosmic Significance:
Our Individual Responsibility

SOME PEOPLE MAY THINK IT IS STRANGE that we speak of The Centre having a birthday. But this is because we became used to Mario speaking of The Centre being born. In this way, he was telling us that The Centre is a living entity − not just an organization. Mario and Colin were the means through which this entity came into physical expression, but this entity itself has been born of the spirit. The spirit of Christ has called us to be together in this life so that something may be seen, heard, felt and known. And we have answered this call. And none of this is a small thing.

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Holy Brethren,
Who Share in a Heavenly Call

YES, HOLY BRETHREN, who share in a heavenly call, all of us still have our singular lives in the world, but increasingly we are being set free of the world, increasingly we can discern the forces of Ahriman and Lucifer, stultification and selfishness, which take us away from the real self and the real purpose of being human. To become free and to set others free is one of the great purposes which has called us out and to this place.
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The Ministry of Reconciliation
THE MESSAGE OF RECONCILIATION and seeing no longer from a human point of view − these words of St Paul I have chosen for today, because I believe they describe the purpose of our Centre and the way in which we live out that purpose.

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The Spiritual Seasons and our Role as Co-creators with Christ
AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR WE CELEBRATE a spiritual festival known as St Johnʼs Tide. It is the least well known of the spiritual festivals. Most people know Christmas and Easter, some know about Michaelmas, but few know or celebrate St John’s Tide, the feast of St John the Baptist, the one who prepares the way for Christ. Perhaps it is because this spiritual festival celebrates the role of the human being in the plan of redemption.
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In Joy and Sorrow
TODAY IS A BELOVED AND UNIQUE DAY in our spiritual year: Rose Sunday − when we recognize that something is growing within us that is of Christ, when we focus on seeing something of his beauty in ourselves and in each other, and acknowledge that we are growing steadily more able to manifest and express his power and his grace.

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Sin in the Context of Human Evolution
Sex, Sin and The City
I’D LIKE TO COMMENCE with a broad, sweeping statement and then spend the rest of my time justifying it! I think that all of you people here and all people in the world − who are not struggling to survive − think more about sin than sex, and certainly more than the city.

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