Pledge and Oath

Pledge and Oath
from Rev Mario’s Personal Teachings letter to Members,
April 1986

Without justification I dare to say that I have loved you, cared for you, fathered you, and befriended you. I have tried to be everything to every man in order to win you for Christ and to give you life. It is terribly hard to live in an earth consciousness and to reach out to the higher, the greater. I know that better than anybody. I have begged you. I have blessed you. I have prayed with you. I have upheld you. I have comforted you. I have kicked you ... all to put you in touch with that higher consciousness. 

I say it again, you do not meet me, nor I you, unless it is by divine appointment. I can lead you to water, but I cannot make you drink. But there is divine purpose in you being with me and in being touched in some way by my presence. 

With all the different understandings that we may have, which to me is neither here nor there, with all the inadequacies that we may have, I perceive your soul and I am deeply in love with your soul. I claim it for God, for Christ. 

I shall fight as long as there is breath in me against those forces that claim one precious human being after another. I shall fight as long as there is unrighteousness in the world. I shall fight as long as men misunderstand one another; I shall fight as long as children cry in loneliness; I shall fight as long as people destroy themselves; I shall fight against all the wickedness in high places and I swear again to Almighty God and my own soul that I shall always be true to that call that you gave me, to wrestle with the devil and to rescue precious souls. 

I beg of you, those who have said that they would stand with me in my vision, and also in my agony, and in my tears, to make the same oath. I do not ask you to take it lightly for one cannot play with life in those terms. No, do not look for rewards. The reward for Jesus Christ was the cross.  No, look at the will of God for you, and then all the things that you need and want are yours. Those who want to be the greatest in the kingdom must become the servant of all, without resentment. 

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