Symbol: The Eagle

The Scorpion and the Eagle
From the Meriti Mass on 18th November, 1990

If you would like to solve the mystery of life and death, if you want to know why the human soul makes so many entrances and exits upon the stage of our earthly theatre, then you must earn the right to go backstage and there mingle with the director of the great drama of life.

Before this awesome moment arrives you must have gained a conscious control over all the soul forces of thinking, feeling and willing, for this then makes you a conscious co-operator in the great drama with the otherwise unseen directors of destiny.

No other force is more excellently designed  to make a soul independent of time and space and thereby make such a person a great helper of humanity than the marvellous occult power which lies concealed within the sign of Scorpio.

It is interesting to note that many people are prejudiced against the Scorpio sign. The element of evil is often attributed to this sign, and no doubt this is due to the fact that many souls feel it is a magical sign which can be used for depraved and destructive purposes if so willed.

It must be remembered that the sign of Scorpio is the eighth sign in our zodiac and eight is the number of a new octave. It is therefore the number of evolution, of a new beginning, of regeneration and resurrection. Scorpio is therefore an important sign because through it something new always comes into being.

The eighth sign speaks of death and life, of birth and rebirth, of sleeping and waking, of desire and will, of intensity, love and fire. It is a sign to be feared by those who are weak, and a sign to be loved by those who want to become occultists, magicians and life-giving helpers to humanity. It is the sign of healing and restoration, for the creative energies of the cosmos flow through the Scorpio-born. 

This power indeed can be used negatively and destructively, but if this power is used for the sake of Christ − and the spirit of the I AM is aflame − then healing, compassion, perception, creation and imagination are the flowers which bloom from the soul who uses its occult power to the full.

It is well known within occult circles that it is the Scorpio who is tested to the utmost. Their path is dangerous and difficult, and those souls who have not generated within themselves a constancy and intensity of purpose, compassion and love, cannot lift themselves out of the lower phase of life and mount up like eagles.

The real Scorpio person must become like an eagle. It is the eagle alone who can fly highest and look directly into the sun. Transformation from a dark scorpion, confined to the dirt and living beneath the surface of the earth, to an eagle flying high in the freedom of the air and experiencing the power of upward flight is and must be the goal of the Scorpio soul.

Those who have attained to the status of an eagle are the real occultists, for no longer are they bound by Mother Earth to work beneath its surface in secrecy and deceit. They fly up and are the dominators of the sky, which signifies the greater spiritual consciousness.

Look at those initiates of the mysteries of the gods who had Scorpio in their soul. Look at their faces, their lower jaws. With perceptiveness, one can already see the eagle shining through their countenance.

It was Isaiah, himself born under that mighty sign, who wrote:

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. (Is 40:31) 

The eagle was, as we all know, the symbol of St John the Beloved, and one cannot help noticing, when reading the Gospel of St John, that it is actually a Scorpio gospel. It deals with light and darkness, with death and life, with birth and rebirth, with healing, forgiveness and restoration. It speaks of open doors, guidance, death and resurrection, hopelessness and hope, betrayal and acceptance, generation and regeneration.

John wrote in chapter three:

Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, 'You must be born anew.’"

The forces represented in the Scorpio sign need to be reborn through water, which is representative of the Moon personality, and spirit, which is the Sun or the Christ power, before they can be expressed as an eagle in freedom, power and love.

It indicates to me that the eagle is therefore the ultimate purpose and goal of the Scorpio person. They have strength, healing and power. They do not tire easily. And when another person is still thinking of how to do a job, the eagle person has already done it.

The scripture reading at the beginning of this address is specifically written by St Paul from a Scorpio point of view. Of course Paul was a Scorpio, for in him we can see the spiritual feeling, willing and thinking of the Scorpio enlarged and lived out with all intensity.

From Saul the scorpion he became Paul the eagle, and as such he had the experience and authority to write to Titus the excellent words read out to you before. Paul indeed was an initiate of the mysteries and as such he could write:

That we might be justified by his grace and become heirs in hope of eternal life. (7) 

Inheritor of eternal life? What a heritage. This means then that the elevated Scorpio has rule not only over death and discarnate souls, but also brings to this earth spiritual legacies from past earthly lives and soul journeys.

All of us, no matter who we are, what sign we were born under, and what status in this life we have or shall attain, are writing in this present life our will and testament for our next incarnation. As such we become the heirs of our own legacy.

The initiated Scorpio has power over its own inheritance and the legacies of other souls, and may distribute them in accordance to the will of the Father, and its own spiritual and perceptive insight.

The gates of death and regeneration are opened by the sign of Scorpio. It deals with death as a true Christ-power, for death, as we must all come to know and understand, performs an important function in giving entrance to the spiritual worlds. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are always connected somehow with death or the dead, those human beings who are without their physical bodies and who live in the spiritual worlds as yet closed to our senses.

It is a realm closer than our hands or feet, for right in our midst, even now, are discarnate beings who, though unseen, affect the lives of those who still live on this earth, for good or for bad according to the quality of their status within the spiritual worlds. We, in turn, can assist, help or harm them as well. The truth of this is captured in the following words, which rightly could be called a Scorpio poem.

Although the earthly body die,
The soul and spirit death defy,
And are in contact much the same
With loved ones who on earth remain.
For worlds of soul and spirit are
Not bound by space, they are not far,
Our soul and spirit in them live,
Our love to loved ones we still give.
The welfare of humanity
Is thus promoted endlessly;
The sense of loneliness is gone,
As love flows freely on and on.

The initiated Scorpio reigns over the astral world and the after-death regions. Heaven and hell are those realms where the hopes and wishes of an earthly kind are, after death, stultified, frustrated or finished with. When every trace of earth desire has been overcome, the soul will go on to the other spiritual worlds. The spirit is then free, without being limited at all, to pursue its journey in spirit-land, after which it returns again to a new incarnation.

It must be understood, and the Scorpio understands this better than anyone else, that the soul or astral world is a sphere of mighty contrasts. For devils and gods, sinners and saints, the most creative and the most destructive, those who have not conquered the dragon of debased desires and those who lived the higher life, the scorpion and the eagle, journey together in this world, and each must be purified, cleansed and prepared before returning to this physical world of ours.

The soul or astral world is the judgment seat referred to by St Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive good or evil, according to what he has done in the body.  

I mentioned before that the Scorpio sign is the eighth in the ladder of the zodiacal signs. Here is where a new beginning is made, a new octave of spirit music heard, a new rainbow of colours played out upon the soul itself and also upon the world of senses and matter. Thus the spiritually-minded Scorpio soul brings new music, new colours, new ideas, and new ways of doing things to its surroundings. 

But, above all, the Scorpio is a reformer. Martin Luther, for example, who was born under the Scorpio sign, brought a newness and freshness to the Europe of old which was fastened in the chains of dogma, feudal controversies and religion. Through him the whole of Europe changed its countenance, and today we are still enjoying the fruits of his discernment, spiritual force and insight. He returned again in this age as Pope John and brought reformation within the Catholic church itself. 

The true Scorpio is always a reformer. Something new, something better, something more elevating needs to be created in order to satisfy the soul of the person born under the sign of Scorpio.

I think of Rudolf Steiner, who had the Scorpio power rising and flowing through his veins. Through him the mysteries as of old were opened up to a larger and greater section of the population, and through him the name and the power of the Christ impulse became a new force permeating this world with newness and greater vision.

When the Scorpio soul is regenerated and reborn into the newness of a Christed life, and becomes an eagle, then the whole of humanity will eventually be blessed. For one may fly freely through the air and perceive the kingdoms of the spirit, but one also needs to use these powers to bring the light and life of Christ to the world, to the next, so to speak. Yet, for an eagle, the Sun is the final point to be reached. The Christ, represented in and through the Sun, must become the light of the world and must illuminate each and every soul coming into this world.

But there is more than that, for when the regeneration process finishes, the Scorpio soul becomes a very practical person indeed. And when this practicality is attained divisions cease to be, and an atonement, or an at-one-ment, takes place within such a soul, and then the body, mind and spirit co-operate in unison. And because divisions no longer exist and all is one, the Scorpio soul can stand - in all practicality, with purpose, power and spiritual prestige, won through the Christ, who is the beginning and the end.

It is the purpose of total humanity to come to this point, no matter what sign you are born under, for all of us desire with intensity, I hope, that a new sanity is brought into the hearts and minds of people everywhere, that blood shedding shall cease, wars relegated to an awful past, and that the powers once used for destruction be now used for creating a new humanity, a new world, a new globe, a new earth.

For the spiritual Scorpio, the holy grail and Parsifal are the emblems of true achievement, but also a warning to walk the path with care, with courage and wisdom. The elements of pure thinking, willing and feeling must also be united into one flame, one light, one life, which, as our text said, is our inheritance, our hope of eternal life.

May I, on my own Scorpio birthday, dedicate to all true spiritual Scorpios the following poem:

No other will but God's be done,
No other race but his be run;
We are not clay but God's own kin,
Only the touch of earth brought sin.
Yet shall the earth be made pure white
By the love and life of Christ, the light;
Our sins although they scarlet be
Are wiped away because of Thee.

So shall it be

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