Teachings: Rev Mario Schoenmaker


How the Consciousness of Christ Begins

I teach not to give intellectual knowledge; I teach to give something of myself. In this giving of myself I hope that the pupil, like myself, may perceive the Christ, so that Christ is no longer a principle but a reality. When St Paul wrote ‘we must live by faith’, he wasn’t speaking of today. Two thousands years ago faith was a necessity, for Christ was taken from us into the heavens. Now Christ has returned. He is in our midst. So he is not something to ‘believe’ in.

Wherever I go, people ask me whether I believe in this or that to which I constantly reply, ‘No’. Then they ask me why I am a minister, to which I reply, ‘I am a minister of a reality, of a power I have seen.’ That is the difference between belief and knowledge and it is the point from which one can speak and teach authoritatively. You can argue about faith and doctrines and the stronger debater wins. But if you know, then who can argue? You can never question the testimony of one who sees ...

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