How the Consciousness of Christ Begins


I teach not to give intellectual knowledge; I teach to give something of myself. In this giving of myself I hope that the pupil, like myself, may perceive the Christ, so that Christ is no longer a principle but a reality. When St Paul wrote ‘we must live by faith’, he wasn’t speaking of today. Two thousands years ago faith was a necessity, for Christ was taken from us into the heavens. Now Christ has returned. He is in our midst. So he is not something to ‘believe’ in.

Wherever I go, people ask me whether I believe in this or that to which I constantly reply, ‘No’. Then they ask me why I am a minister, to which I reply, ‘I am a minister of a reality, of a power I have seen.’ That is the difference between belief and knowledge and it is the point from which one can speak and teach authoritatively. You can argue about faith and doctrines and the stronger debater wins. But if you know, then who can argue? You can never question the testimony of one who sees.

What I teach is not easy; it is not for the weak nor for the fanciful. It is not for those seeking a thrill or those just wanting to know something. My task, my purpose, in teaching, is to create a light within you − the Christ. If he is alight and alive in you, then you are a person of full spiritual stature.

The problem with our western society is that we want to be taught by words. Occult teaching, at its essential level, cannot be taught by words. It must be given to you by the higher powers when you are ready for it. The teachings that I give are but a beginning in order to bring you to that moment in your life when you are confronted with Christ the Lord; then the real teaching starts.

How the Consciousness
of Christ Begins

Have this mind among yourselves which is one in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of man. And being found in human form, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even death on the cross.

(Philippians 2:5-9) 

WHAT IS IT that spiritual people want? I’m not quite sure what else they want, but they do want God consciousness; have you ever heard that term? Or Christ consciousness, which isn’t the same thing. Christ wasn’t equal to God. Christ wasn’t God. So God consciousness and Christ consciousness are two different things. 

A person came to me and said, “Mario, can you make me God conscious?” I looked at him and said, “Just be thankful that God is conscious of you! You don’t have to be conscious of him at all. He doesn’t ask that.”

I want to speak to you about consciousness. You cannot have consciousness unless you are in human form. That is, unless you are incarnated into this flesh you cannot have the consciousness we talk about. There is a different type of consciousness beyond this world in the spiritual worlds, which we cannot comprehend at present because we are living in this world’s state of consciousness and the consciousness of rational concepts.

Empty Yourself as Christ Did
You want to be God conscious? Well, the first thing that you must do is not reach out for that but do as Christ did. The first thing you must do is let the whole concept fall away. In fact it might be good if you just became human. Christ emptied himself of the possibility of grasping equality with God. No doubt, because St Paul wrote this under inspiration, there was the possibility that he could become equal with God. But he emptied himself. So, my dear friends, the first thing you must do if you want to become spiritual is to empty yourself of all pretence and of anything you think you may be able to achieve spiritually. 

Why are you so interested in growing spiritually? Why? Because you grasp for something and you don’t even know what you are grasping for!

How You can Find Christ
So why don’t you do what Christ did? Why don't you walk the fields, go through the bush, climb the mountains, go fishing in a boat? Why don’t you do that instead of poisoning your mind with unnecessary books and theories about things that cannot be proven. Go for a walk through the fields; that’s where you meet him. Pick a flower and look at it. That is where he mirrors himself towards you, towards all that is living, towards all that was his creation in the first place. There is where you find his impulse and his thoughts. When you go through the bush and lean against a tree and feel the vibrations in the energies of the trees enveloping you and holding you; there is the Christ. Or when you are in a boat fishing or resting or whatever, there you meet the Christ in his pure, emanating, life giving power.

But then you have to do something, don’t you? You can no longer be the observer, sitting somewhere. You have to identify yourself with the flower, the tree, the animal, nature or whatever, and you have to say, “That and myself are made of the same substance. One form differs from another form, but the essence is the same and that is a humbling experience.”

Who is Christ? Are you worshipping a pretended Christ? Do you still see Christ as a beautiful little picture − knocking on some door with a light in his hand? Or do you see him as he is portrayed in a cathedral and in the ancient churches − all lovely looking? No, my friends that is not the Christ. Christ works in you through your consciousness. It is what you think that becomes important. And if your thinking is elevated beyond your capacity, the capacity you should have, then that's not Christ. For as Christ never grasped at being higher than he was, in fact he humbled himself and became a servant. You will find Christ is within your consciousness when you become a servant, when you don't grasp for things that in the finality have no relevance whatsoever.

I wish I could sit with each one of you personally and privately and tell you where you go wrong, but I’m not allowed to do that. It’s against the rules of esoteric teaching. You have to find out yourself why you miss that wonderful power, why you keep on trying and don’t get it.

We have Too Great an Ego
Did I tell you about a certain Dutch lady I knew many, many years ago? She was holiness incorporated; she was sanctification herself. She was virginal and pure in a way which I think transcended the Virgin Mary. She came to see me when I was but young and tender and she said, “Mario, how can I progress?” Oh that’s another wonderful word. Progress! Where the hell can you progress to? I said to her, “I can give you direction. I think you should go to Amsterdam and become a prostitute. Get rid of your holiness, your sanctification, your virginity, your purity. Become a prostitute and then in two year's time come and see me again.”

I didn’t see her two years later but the fact was that she did go to Amsterdam. She took my direction. Isn’t that wonderful? I met her four or five years later. “Ooh! Haven’t we met somewhere before?” I said. And she said, “Yes. You told me to become a prostitute”. I said, “And did you?” She said, “Yes, yes, I became a prostitute and earned a lot of money and I’ve now become a psychologist because I came to know human nature so well”. This is what it really boiled down to. She married a client of hers and was very happy and had children. I said, “What about your spiritual aspirations?” She said, “Well, I’m not going to church any more. If you were here I probably would come to you, but I don’t want to go anywhere else. I feel that I don’t really have to be anything any more because I feel that I have fulfilled what I needed to do. That is to be a mother and to be content within my family.” It is a simple story really. You know what our trouble is? We have too great an ego. 

Think of Christ our Lord. His achievement was that he became, again, the creator of all that is. Therefore I would say that the first requirement of Christ consciousness is that you become a creator − even if it is in the smallest sense. Secondly, present yourself to God and say, “I’m your servant. I’m not your equal. I don’t aspire to become equal, just to be your servant.” 

People are funny. I had a telephone caller who said, “Hello Mario. How are you?”, even though he was not interested in how I was. I said, “Yes. What do you want?” He said, “I don’t believe in teachers, in gurus, in yogis and all the other so called whatevers.” I said, “Well, you need somebody to teach you manners. I suggest that you go to Telecom and get some training in how to handle the telephone. For that you need teaching. I presume that you know that one and one are two and three and four are seven?” He said, “Yes,” and I said, “Because someone taught you.” Yet we are so arrogant that we think we can do without a teacher when it comes to spiritual things. What arrogance!

Learn and Practise Humility
There are people who have never picked up a bucket and a broom and think that they have to sit and be served by others. They have never realised that they have to be a servant in order, eventually, to be served. They have never known leadership. It starts first by following and learning. And you talk about Christ consciousness! You fools!

Christ became obedient unto death. In the Book of Hebrews it says that he learned obedience. So, you want to know what the consciousness of Christ is all about? Don’t reach out for it; one. Don’t make yourself almighty; two. Don’t know it all; three. Became a servant; four. Humble yourself; five. Become obedient; six. 

Take note of one thing; humility, like love, is an art you have to learn. It doesn’t come naturally. Who wants to lower himself? Who wants to love without anything in return, without rewards? Humility has to be Christed. Do you know how to do this? Not by saying, “I’m so humble.” (I call that humbility). No, no, no, it is by being thoughtful and conscious of other people. Don’t think too much about yourself. That’s ego. Think about others and humble yourself. It makes you more human. And it is when you become thoughtful about others that love enters in. 

But you have to practise it. It says in Philippians that Christ humbled himself. God didn’t humble him, karma didn’t humble him, his parents didn’t humble him. He did it himself and you and I have to do precisely the same. I think it was Krishnamurti who said, on a different subject, but it is the same principle. “No one can discipline you. You have to discipline yourself.” No one can humble you. You have to humble yourself. The more you are debased by other people, the more your ego rears its ugly head and the less you can love. 

But if you take yourself in hand, then it begins. Then you realise that as you humble yourself and become a servant to others you are beginning to have the consciousness of Christ. You realise that this is the path, this is the power, the thoughts, the content and the reality of the Christ. One doesn’t have to ask any more, “What is Christ? Who is Christ?” It becomes obvious in your life, in your lifestyle, in the way you speak, in the way you act, in the way you handle other people. Then Christ comes to the fore. One cannot put Christ in a framework and say, “Here it is”. No, it is much wider. It is like a cloud that you cannot contain. It envelops everything and everyone with whom you come in contact with the love of Christ. 

So shall it be.

Taken from an address given at the Healing Service on April 27th 1995
at The Centre in Melbourne, Australia

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