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Making the Able More Able
MAKING THE ABLE MORE ABLE is one of the foundational precepts upon which our Centre has been established and built. And it is a precept that continues to be fundamental to the spiritual life in us individually and together in our Centre communities. As we engage with the principle of making the able more able in our being, living and relating, we are strengthening the I AM in ourselves and in others.

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The Light Shines in the Darkness
IT IS CHRISTMAS EVE and we gather that we may enter together into the twelve holy nights of the Christmas festival. The twelve holy nights in which the heavens are closest to us during the cycle of the spiritual year. The twelve holy nights in which we recognise, value and nurture the newness of Christ’s life in us.
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Initiation Service
IT IS GOOD TO BE TO BE WITH YOU tonight for this special celebration. I am here on behalf of both the Meriti, Reverend Antoinette and myself, and although I am here in person, Antoinette assures you that her presence is here, her thoughts are with you and we engage in this work together as you enter into new life as Initiates within The Centre.
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Nurturing Our Emergent Christedness
EACH ADVENT AND CHRISTMAS the spiritual worlds draw near to the earth and the veil that separates us from the mystery of the heavens is at its thinnest. We are presented with the opportunity to prepare and open ourselves to the spiritual worlds which seek to penetrate the contours of our being and stimulate the emergence of new life within our consciousness and being.
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On Us Great Light Shines
ISAIAH, IN PRE-FIGURING CHRISTʼS INCARNATION through the Christmas mysteries, uses two key images which have accompanied us throughout the season of Advent, as we have prepared ourselves to enter more fully into the experience of Christmas.

One of these images from Isaiah is the great light shining on a people who walk in darkness …

The other image based on Isaiah is that of the rose, which we are perhaps most familiar with from the carol: Lo, how a rose eʼre blooming.
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