Why We Are Different

We believe Christ is in you − which makes you a very special person whose individuality should be honoured and respected. We believe in your goodness.

Our Guiding Principles

RELIGION IS NOT ETHICS. Morals are the outcome of a deep spiritual life rather than the other way around. We aim for freedom, not a freedom to do what one pleases, but a freedom which lifts the mask from one’s personality and brings one into the joy of real living. This is pure religion, for it binds one with another and the binding of souls is what religion is really about.

from the Declaration of The Church of the Mystic Christ
29th November 1975, Rev Mario Schoenmaker

WE HAVE BEEN DRAWN TOGETHER as members and friends …

Our Relationship with the Bible

In The Centre, the Bible is not an authority on which we lean or which we use to defend our beliefs and practices, for words are always limited and can …

Our Philosophy and Purpose


The Centre (The Independent Church of Australia, The Independent Church in New Zealand, Het Esoterisch Christelikj Centrum in The Netherlands) was founded …

The Mystic Cross: Our Symbol and Its Meaning

Rev Mario Schoenmaker wrote this about the chosen symbol of the church:

The mystic cross is intended to communicate, in a more profound way than our …


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