A Clue to Self

An excerpt from an article in Living Metaphysics: A practical spiritual guide, 'Karma enables me to face myself'.

WITHIN US ALL there are imbalances which karma assists us to correct. If we have swung too far in a certain direction then another person or outside situation may provide us with the opportunity of overcoming this disharmony within self. For instance, a person may have become a slave to work and be unable to take time to relax and enjoy relationships. This is an imbalance which needs to be corrected, and circumstances may develop in that person’s life, such as an illness or loss of a job, which force them to re-evaluate their life’s priorities. For most of us, there is something in our lives - a person or a situation - which compels us to keep working on ourselves. Such people or situations are usually difficult to deal with, but they offer us the gift of growth. They are the result of a karmic influence which draws our attention to an area we need to work on.

Meeting Ourselves
It is all too tempting to think that the difficult person or situation is our karma, but this is not the case. What we encounter in life is the result of our actions through this life and past lives, so we are our own karma. Certain experiences and people are attracted towards us because of what is in us, but when we look in the mirror of karma we see not the other person or situation but ourselves. One way of describing personal karma is to say that it is: That which is within me which reacts to that which is outside me. Other people and situations are outside of us. Our karma is to be found in our responses to them. We can express this as one of the most important of all metaphysical principles.

THE PRINCIPLE: I only ever confront myself.

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