A New Consciousness


An edited extract from the course ‘Developing Spiritual Thinking’

TRUE PERCEPTION is being able to see the spiritual essence of the other person, not just our own reactions and response to them. As such it is a revelation, a learning experience, a spiritual insight. This is what Mario calls the third consciousness.

The essential characteristic of the third consciousness is the realisation that our ego (earthly sense of self) is different from the spiritual 'I'. The third consciousness has to do with acting from the I rather than the ego. It therefore has to do with an outward living interest rather than an inward habitual interest. It has to do with becoming conscious of the Christ in others.

It’s to see the reality, the spiritual essence of the other person. It’s clairvoyance. It’s the ability to live out the I AM in a true way, to consciously experience Christ in self and others. It arises because no longer does one see one's self as a separate ego. You know yourself as part of Christ and you know others to also be part of Christ.

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