An edited extract from the course ‘You and the Spiritual Hierarchies’

THE ANGELS have significant roles in our development as spiritual beings. They perceive the meaning of events in our human destinies from higher perspective than we are capable of, and they are therefore able to guide us. In return our prayers and contemplation of the highest, our love of all that is good and beautiful helps to sustain the angelic hosts.

In the course of our lives, many perceptions, feelings and thoughts escape from our memory, but they continue to live on in the consciousness of our (guardian) angel. The totality of our human experience, in its heights and depths, is therefore known to this being. Since our angel has been with us through all our lifetimes, it not only has an overview of our present life but all our lives to this point.

We move towards our angel in the following way. Before sleeping, if we look back over the events of the day, seeking to understand the purpose behind them and being grateful for the wisdom they have brought us, we prepare ourselves to make a stronger connection with our angel.

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