Archangel Michael

An edited extract from the course ‘You and the Spiritual Hierarchies’

AT THIS PRESENT TIME, Michael the Archangel is the time spirit. Michael’s name means the face of Christ. “The countenance of the Lord”. As such his role is as Revealer. He is the spiritual force, at work supremely today, which assists us to see through the veneer of physical, material existence to perceive the spirit at work.

Michael is the Revealer, and specifically he reveals to you that wonderful truth that you are a triune being: body, soul and spirit. He gives the opportunity for real thinking to arise with which we may apprehend spirit. Then our spiritual senses start operating.

Michael is associated with courage, for he is a warrior. His weapon is the sword, which denotes the will. He strengthens our courage and will. He encourages within us the desire, the will, to truly perceive, to see through things. He stimulates interest and connections with others. He is associated with creativity and the imaginative use of our minds.

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