Controlling Our Thoughts

An excerpt from an article in Living Metaphysics: A practical spiritual guide, 'The power of thought'.

OUR THOUGHTS are like visitors who appear at the door of our mind, and it is up to us whether we invite these visitors inside to eat or lodge with us or not. Just as we do not invite everyone who knocks at our door into our homes, so we need not encourage thought patterns that we do not want to stay with us.

There is an old story from the Middle East about a camel who, one very cold night, asked his master if he could just put his nose under the edge of the tent. The master agreed, and the camel’s nose appeared in the tent. However, as the night grew colder, more and more of the camel intruded into the tent until by morning the camel filled the space and its master was pushed outside. If we do not control our thoughts, we are no longer master of our mind, but instead our thoughts control us.

Recognising that a particular thought is a negative way of seeing ourselves and takes away our power and our control of our lives is the first step to changing the script or thought pattern. Such negative thoughts do not have their source in our spirit or I AM. They come to us from outside ourselves, often through other people, either explicitly or implicitly, and we allow them to lodge in us and to dominate us.

These thoughts are not true to our I AM; they are not true statements about our essential nature. If we simply try to push them away they will, like the pink elephant, remain in our consciousness. Instead, we have to replace them with new thoughts, ones that reflect who we really are. It is like filling up the house with congenial visitors so that there is no room for those who are not welcome.

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