An edited extract from the course ‘Esoteric Understanding of the Human Being’

MODERN EVOLUTIONISTS (neo-Darwinists) argue that the human being is just an ape that got lucky in the evolutionary lottery. Religious fundamentalists on the other hand, argue that the human being did not evolve from the apes but appeared on earth through an act of divine intervention. This debate commenced in the 19th century and continues into the 21st century.

Essentially both the fundamentalist (creationist) and the evolutionist argue from a materialistic point of view; both base their arguments on what is perceived of the human being by the senses only, that is the material-physical body. The spiritual individuality and the other subtle bodies of the human being, which are not perceptible to the physical senses, are not taken into account by either side of the argument.

The esotericist would see creationism and modern science as being opposite sides of the same materialistic coin. (The term materialistic in this course means being focused on and attached to the world of the senses, the world of matter)

According to esoteric knowledge the human being did not evolve from the lower kingdoms. In fact, the opposite is true. The lower kingdoms have actually evolved as by-products or in the wake of, so to speak, human evolution.

Human beings emerged spiritually before the animals. The seed of the human physical body was given at a very early stage of world evolution, whereas the seed for the animal physical body emerged later. However the human being descended into mineral physicality last. This is because the lower kingdoms were more susceptible or more inclined to enter into matter than was the human being.

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