Exploring Your Story Through Bible Metaphysics

An excerpt from the resource book from 'The Metaphysical Bible'.

THE BIBLE provides us with wonderful resource material for the exploration of your own soul, since it reflects the ageold quest of humanity to understand the nature of existence and our relationship to God. The wisdom, the tears and the joy, the loves and the hates of four thousand years of human experience are preserved for us if we have the sensitivity and the intelligence to hear the oracles of God uttered in the struggles and victories of the small nation called Israel.

To learn how to interpret the Bible metaphysically is to learn an art form. Analysing the individual symbols constitutes the scientific aspect, if you like, of Bible metaphysics. But putting the symbols together in a story so that the inner meaning shines through is where the real skill and art are to be found.

The art lies in the combination of symbols and motifs so that the interpretation is alive with meaning. In this respect, one interpretation may be superior to another because it "hangs together" better and explains the content of the story more fully. Clear thinking is the basis of all metaphysics and therefore has a prominent part to play in Bible metaphysics. A good interpretation then, draws together many apparently diverse elements and aspects, into a living whole and brings new insights to the surface. It brings pictures into your consciousness which represent the spiritual element in thoughts. A poor interpretation on the other hand, is flat and two-dimensional, failing to draw together the separate elements.

Just as you are the authority in interpreting your dreams because the dream is speaking to you about your life, so in interpreting any passage of scripture you are the final and ultimate authority, because the text is speaking about you and your spiritual development.

Never let another person stifle your creativity by saying your explanation is wrong, for another person has no right to say this.

The Bible is a mirror in which you can learn to see self clearly and without distortion. Teachers, books, the opinions and thoughts of others can all be important in helping you discover keys to the inner meaning of the Bible, but ultimately the final authority in interpretation is yours. What does the text say to you in the here and now? Another person cannot give you the answer to this question.

Always remember, in interpreting the Bible your greatest attribute is your intuition, the inner knowing of your soul. This will only truly start to operate if you dare to listen to it and have confidence in your own inner perception. Intuition is like anything else; the more you use it, the more easily it will flow, until eventually the perceptive faculties of your soul will come to the forefront whenever you read the Bible.

This intuitional ability will also extend into daily life so that everything will become a means by which you can come to know the intent and nature of your soul.

It is vital to develop the faculty of listening to your inner self and hearing the voice of the soul.

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