An edited extract from the course ‘Esoteric Understanding of the Human Being’

THE FIFTH EPOCH known as the post-Atlantean epoch is the one in which we live today. This epoch has seen the gradual enclosure of the etheric body into the physical and a progressive loss of consciousness of the spiritual worlds. This process has however enabled the development of the human intellect and an increased consciousness of our individuality.

This epoch is really humanity’s first great step into the future. It is in this epoch that a new impulse of love was added to evolution. This impulse came through the incarnation of a lofty Sun being. In the Christian tradition this being is known as Christ. In other traditions this being is known by other names, for example, Ahura Mazdao in the ancient Zoroastrian tradition.

The sacrifice the Christ being made during the event known as Golgotha has given the earth and humanity a new impulse, one that will make it possible to stop the involution into matter and begin the evolution out of matter. This impulse, which can simply be called love, enables the human being to fully attain I AM consciousness and to transform the lower bodies into their spiritual equivalents.

As the world will have seven incarnations, and as the earth will have seven epochs, so each of these earth epochs has seven cultural eras.

The Post Atlantean epoch can be divided into seven cultural eras, each with duration of approximately 2,150 years. These are known as the ancient Indian, Persian, Egypto-Chaldean, Greco-Roman, our present cultural era, with the 6th and the 7th cultural eras being the future.

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