Let Spirit Bring Healing Colour into Your Life

An edited extract: from 'Spiritual Healing Course resource book'.

YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES of outer and inner colour at your fingertips to live and work creatively and to bring drama, joy, peace, and energy or whatever you need into your daily life. All that needs to happen is that you become attuned to the whisperings of spirit which surround you on all sides. In this way you become more aware of the colours in your life as joyful companions that can assist you on your journey towards wholeness and freedom.

The study of colour can take you into your inner world and by working with it you can achieve a greater harmony within your own being. Your attitude towards colour will enable its healing power to work on you through a clearer perception and a refining of the senses. This entails entering into colours with the imagination wide awake. Approach each colour with reverence and respect, cultivating a meditative attitude so that you respond from a depth of feeling and see and hear what the colour is saying to you. As a child it was natural for you to take in the world around you and feel it deeply. Every child is an artist who is at home with paints and crayons. The child lives in the formative pictures of nature and gives expression to his or her creativity with delightful innocence, daring and conviction. Learn to do this again. Perhaps it means rediscovering the artist in you or it may simply mean that you become more aware of what surrounds you in your own home.

In allowing the essential nature of each colour to come towards you, you can become conscious of your inner response. This is more than like or dislike. You may need to train yourself to go beyond immediate reactions which may well be influenced by past experience. This can only be achieved by observing colour and taking note of what effect it has. Practise this as you would practise to be a musician and allow the true nature of the colour to come to you. This simple technique is a means of becoming more perceptive in all kinds of situations. For example, when meeting a person for the first time remain centred within yourself and allow the impression of that person to flow towards you and receive it in full consciousness. This vivid impression can be very accurate.

See yourself as an artist, not necessarily in painting, though this is of great benefit, but in every aspect of your life. Choose colours in your home and place of work that bring about ease and relaxation. Bring plants and fresh flowers into the house and take time to enjoy the living colours of nature. When you dress in the morning be conscious of the spiritual nature of colour. The colours you wear need to harmonise with your inner needs and also lift your consciousness to spirit.

Healing, essentially, has to do with balancing the various aspects of your existence by bringing about an inner harmony of the body, soul and spirit. Health is an expression of inner harmony, a mobile balance of the forces at work in you. Illness arises because of lack of harmony, but it is not necessarily a misfortune if it alerts you to this imbalance and gives you time to take stock and begin to adjust and harmonise your life.

Today few people would deny that colour greatly affects us. Science is now interested in this field, observing that each colour has certain properties pertaining to it, noting the physical reactions to different colours and accepting the accompanying psychological manifestations. It is pleasing to note that knowledge of the correct use of colour has moved into the mainstream of society.

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