Oppositional Forces

An edited extract from the course ‘You and the Spiritual Hierarchies’

SO FAR WE HAVE SPOKEN of those spiritual beings which are dedicated to the plan of evolution and who are engaged in evolving themselves. However, not all members of the spiritual hierarchy did evolve. Some ‘fell’. They became fallen angels, fallen archangels and fallen archai.

So besides the spiritual hierarchy, there is also a host of retarded spiritual beings, beings who have fallen behind in their own spiritual development and who therefore bring to this earth and to us a backward or regressive, anti-evolutionary influence. They are known broadly as spirits of opposition.

Complete free will, is something which is the aim of this earth, and it is something we acquire gradually. It is set before us as an ideal. We are approaching nearer to free will only when we begin to master the influences of the spirits of opposition.

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