The Law of Manifestation

An excerpt from an article in Living Metaphysics: A practical spiritual guide, 'The Law of Manifestation'

THE subject of metaphysics deals with the invisible causes of things in the world and in our lives, causes which manifest as effects which are visible. The person interested in metaphysics and capable of applying it wants to comes to terms with the impulses and causes which lie hidden within them. By understanding these causes we can live life more purposefully and positively...

The Law of Manifestation
SPIRIT is the beginning of all things in the universe. Spirit is the beginning and the end of all self-development. Before the world existed we were spirit. Today we are spiritual beings with a consciousness and a physical body. At the end of the world we will be spirits with a spiritual consciousness. Spirit is the basis of all higher laws of transformation and attunement. These laws operate on different levels of consciousness which we identify as the spiritual level, the mental level and the physical level. These levels mesh together in us because we have a spirit, a mind or soul, and a physical body. In metaphysics we deal with the law of manifestation:

          The spirit is the architect,
          The mind is the builder
          The physical is the result.

Spirit, the life force within us, is also the creative force of our life. How we use this creative life force determines what we will be and what our experiences will be. Creativity, in the real sense of the word, begins with the spirit. This creative impulse then enters into the mind and becomes a thought form or mental picture. Then the concept or mental image is imprinted on the physical body or physical world in some way.

Spirit is the First Cause. This is a simple concept but a profound truth. There is a natural flow of the life force, of the energy with which we live and move and have our being. The river of life or the fountain of living water are pictures of pure spirit and its activity. Think of your inner spirit as a pure mountain stream flowing down from above without limit, always energising you, renewing you and inspiring you according to your every need.

Spirit is pure, perfect and unchangeable. It is not outside us, but within us right now. We all have the amount of spirit that we need. Just as we must drink the water of the mountain stream to quench our thirst, so we must acknowledge our spiritual thirst and quench it by attuning ourselves to the life¬giving energy of spirit. We make use of the spirit by attuning the mind to it. When the mind is attuned to the spirit then it will build and manifest this spiritual pattern or blueprint in the physical.

When we are in harmony with the laws of the higher worlds then the power associated with these laws becomes available to us. Each one of us has full access to that power. It is an infinite power which is only limited by your imagination. Spirit is the infinite power of the universe, and this power is life in all its forms.

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