What is Metaphysics?

METAPHYSICS is a way of being and thinking which strengthens our link with the spiritual world and enables us to live our lives with freedom and creativity. It is a philosophy to be lived, a religion without external forms and trappings.

The word “metaphysics” means that which is beyond the physical. It is an approach to life which focuses on spiritual laws and unseen causes which operate within the physical world. The connection between the seen and the unseen means that inevitably symbolism forms a major part of any metaphysical system, the symbolism which points from the known to the unknown, from the secular to the sacred. By finding out what these laws are we can work with them to raise the level of our consciousness, for the quality of our consciousness is the true measure of our spirituality.

The practice of metaphysics has three outcomes:

  • Thinking is clearer and more original.
  • The emotions are purified and brought under control so that we become less reactive to external things and more sensitive to inner impressions.
  • Action is more deliberate because it stems from an inner motivation.
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