Your Story

n excerpt from the course notes of 'The Metaphysical Bible'.

SINCE everything in the bible is interpreted in relation to self, it follows that you are the main character, the principle protagonist, in the bible. Just as you are the Centre of your own universe, so you are the Centre of the Bible story. In the study of bible metaphysics, there is no place for false humility; you have to see yourself at the heart of the story.

Take for instance, the story of David and Goliath. It is a story about how a young shepherd boy, David, overcomes a giant, Goliath, who has been taunting the nation of Israel and keeping them in a state of fear. David does this by using his slingshot and a stone to strike Goliath on the forehead with such force that he is killed. Goliath’s overthrow leads to the defeat of the enemies of Israel. Bible metaphysics is not concerned with questions of whether this story is or is not literally true. Rather, what Bible metaphysics says is: This story is essentially a story about you and your life.

Not only are you the entre of the story, but everything in the story is part of you, either actually or in potential. The story addresses your human condition right now! Every person and every detail in a story symbolizes a part of self. This personal application is one of the mainstays of metaphysics. Metaphysics teaches us to confront self, to look at situations squarely and honestly and see what they have to show us, with a view to coming to a greater knowledge of our own soul. We therefore interpret a bible passage as we would a dream. Just as the whole content of a dream belongs to one’s own psyche, so the whole content of a bible story is to be found within one’s own psyche.

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