Relating to Spirit − MS3

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Relating to Spirit explores:

  • Connecting your personal journey with spirit
  • Attuning to symbolism and sacred geometry
  • Navigating your own maps of consciousness
  • Soul listening through meditation
  • The voice of spirit as prayer
  • Dream − revealing the language of spirit
  • Imaging − Capturing images of your spiritual self

Relating to Spirit
gives tools to:

  • Awaken and sustain your connection to spirit
  • Reveal the contours of your personal spiritual journey
  • Explore your changing picture consciousness
  • Draw creatively on the rich tapestry of symbolism
  • Focus the heart and mind in harmony & stillness
  • Engage imaginatively with the impulses of spirit
  • Direct your thoughts and behaviour as expressions of spirit
  • Bring the presence of spirit into your conscious living

Relating to Spirit

  • Studying eight sessions, each session taking about two hours each
  • Reading and writing
  • The course costs AUD$375.00 
  • The Course comes with a set of two A4 spiral bound books:
    • Course Notes on the eight sessions and an
    • Assignment Book, to use at the end of each session.

See Learning Options and Costs & Purchasing for more information.
Not yet available as a home learning course

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