The Metapahysical Bible − MS4

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The Metaphysical Bible explores:

  • Beyond the literal to inner meaning
  • Sacred landscapes of body, soul and spirit
  • Biblical symbolism and interpreting characters
  • The meaning and power of names
  • Transition from old to new consciousness
  • Spiritual meaning and guidance for contemporary living
  • The revelation of the real self
  • Stories of the journey and individual transformation

The Metaphysical Bible
gives tools to:

  • Enable a relationship with the questing self
  • Make a soul journey through life events that are universally applicable across the ages
  • Take responsibility for your own experience of life
  • Be the guide in the telling of your own life story
  • Live your soul purpose in greater truth and peace
  • Increase abilities to abide and work with the challenges of your journey
  • Reveal the hidden treasure of a life lived with deep meaning
  • Enable the unfolding creation of our own real self

The Metaphysical Bible

  • Studying eight sessions, each session taking about two hours each
  • Reading and writing
  • The course costs AUD$375.00 
  • The Course comes with a set of two A4 spiral bound books:
    • Course Notes on the eight sessions and an
    • Assignment Book, to use at the end of each session.

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Available as a home learning course.

This course may be purchased from the online bookstore CentreBooks.
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