Learning Options


If there is an Institute course which interests you, then the next stage is to decide how you wish to study:

  • Learning at home
  • Learning in a group
  • Learning in a Skype group

Learning at Home
Four of the eight courses offered by the Institute are available for learning at home. Two of the other three courses will come on line with time.

Learning metaphysics at home can be done in two ways:

  • With a personal tutor, who will provide feedback and assessment of your written work. If you wish to study with a tutor (no extra charge) and hand-in assignments for assessment, then please email us at the Institute of Metaphysics to discuss this. All communication and submission of assignments will usually be conducted via email. At the end of a satisfactorily completed course you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ for that course.
  • On your own, to your own schedule, and for your own satisfaction.

It is possible to complete a course in eight weeks, but it is recommended to take sixteen weeks to complete a course with a tutor.

Each course has generally eight sessions and each sessions takes about 2 hours to complete.

It is possible to complete the ‘Certificate of Metaphysical Studies’ in one year but taking a number of years is also okay.

Order of Study
You may chose to do any course, in any order. However, if you wish to complete a ‘Certificate in Metaphysical Studies’ then we strongly recommend that you complete the foundation course, MS1, first and receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ for each course undertaken.

Learning in a Group
The Institute has accredited Course Leaders offering a limited number of courses in a few locations. Contact the ‘Accredited Course Leaders’ in the following locations to make enquires:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne & Woodend, Victoria, Australia

Golden Bay, New Zealand

The Netherlands

Learning in a Skype Group
Robert John offers Institute courses for small groups using Skype. Learning at Home materials are used for private study, combined with on-line Skype tutorial sessions. Enquires:

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