Order of the Mystic Christ


The Order of the Mystic Christ is a mystical order created in 1988 by the late Reverend Mario Schoenmaker for the purpose of giving the deeper esoteric teachings to committed students. 

Reverend Mario’s teachings are based on the ancient esoteric traditions, his own clairvoyant insight and the revelations contained in the Bible. They centre upon the Christ impulse, the mystical aspect of life and our association with the heavens. 

As we are coming to know with our minds and feel with our hearts, Christ is the heart of the universe. He is central. He is central to time; central to space; central to being. Without him, none of these things that we experience − the world of creation, existence, manifestation, expression − would exist. He is the Word which brought all things into being.

It follows then, that Christ is the heart, the centre of all occult teachings. Eventually that is where we will arrive. We are being drawn there. And our task as members of the Order of the Mystic Christ is to arrive there. All that we are learning, coming to understand, practicing, feeling and experiencing has this purpose at its heart.

In his inaugural address to the founding members of the Order, the Reverend Mario said that we are living in a period of time which Christendom calls the Second Coming and that the purpose of the Order is to see the living Christ. He also made clear that the Christ will not appear again in the flesh, but that his presence is now perceivable in the ‘etheric’ sheath of this earth. The task of the Order is therefore to develop the latent clairvoyance of each member so they may perceive the Risen Christ in the etheric layer around this world. 

In that first meeting of the Order Rev Mario admonished the members: The path which leads to mystical knowledge and experience is not an easy road. It is a lifetime of discipline, of learning, of practising and trying to understand and come to grips with the difference between the spiritual and the material. It means trying to perceive how we can make the teachings work, first of all within ourselves, for that is where the power starts, and then how it can work from us into the community in which we must live for this lifetime.

The Order’s symbol is the rose, a sign of silence and secrecy, because knowledge cannot be conveyed through words alone. In reality it can only be experienced and known. The rose is also the sign of revelation, blooming and showing forth the beauty and perfection within. That is why it is a symbol of the Christ, who is described as the Rose of Sharon and the perfection of man’s being. This symbol embodies the purpose of the Order of the Mystic Christ.


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