Membership of the Order


Membership of the Order is open to all who can demonstrate a basic background of metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, are willing to make the promises of a member and are introduced to the OMC by an existing member. 

All members of OMC, regardless of geographical location, are required to study in a group and attend all meetings. Studying alone is not an option in OMC. In some circumstances geographical location means that meetings must be attended via telephone, Skype or other electronic means. All such means of meeting need to be discussed first with the Guardian and Master of Ceremonies.

The purpose of OMC is to become perceptive of the Christ, and Rev Mario has stated that this first occurs through a group. Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst. The size of an approved study group may be as small as two and as large as there are members wishing to study. As stated earlier, however, the reflective meeting, is best conducted in a small group.

The decision to join the Order involves a love of Christ and a desire to learn, to know, and to grow. To be a member of the Order requires an acceptance of Rev Mario’s authority to pass on these teachings and a dedication to this path of development. It is unwise and confusing to mix the teachings of the Order with teachings available elsewhere. Being a member of the Order also involves a commitment to attend and study on a regular basis over a course of years. 

The Order of the Mystic Christ has an association with The Independent Church of Australia and the Institute of Metaphysics because of their common purposes and because Rev Mario Schoenmaker was the leader of all three organisations. Membership of the church is not a precondition for joining the Order, although some studies with the Institute of Metaphysics are.

Membership of the Order enables you to participate in the deeper teachings given by Rev Mario Schoenmaker. This means that some background knowledge is assumed. The Certificate of Metaphysical Studies and Esoteric Studies (offered by the Institute of Metaphysics and available as Learning at Home courses) are highly recommended prerequisites. Please see the Institute of Metaphysics website for more details.

You can download the brochure for prospective members HERE. (186KB PDF)

All enquires should be directed to The Centre:

          Centre Headquarters
          PO Box 4015, Langwarrin, VIC 4015, Australia
          Phone:  0411 026 175
(in Australia)  |  +61 411 036 175 (elsewhere)
          Email: [email protected]

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